10 facts related to Amit Shah – not like talking to the media, but always ahead for the workers

Amit Shah’s name is not an admission of any introduction today. He has been elected the President of the Bharatiya Janata Party again. He has been the General Secretary of the Home Minister of Gujarat and the Bharatiya Janata Party. These are considered as the modern Chanakya of the BJP. Behind Shah’s complex strategy, he has a flamboyant business mind, who makes a deeper analysis of profit and loss.Shah acknowledges the reason for his success, his determination. Shah contested more than 42 small elections since 1989, in which he did not lose one. Amit Shah was born on 22 October 1964 in the house of a businessman in Mumbai. Today we will tell some things that most people are unaware of.
♦️Amit Shah is the only brother among his 6 sisters. In personal life, they are fully dependent on their wife Sonal and son Jai. Shah and his wife Bhagwan are the ultimate devotees of Somnath. And hence Shah is also associated with Somnath Temple Trust. Which they consider to be the biggest achievement of their life. Shah’s ancestral home is in the Mansa area of ​​Ahmedabad and the special thing is that it has been included in the heritage building.
♦️They belong to a noble family of Gujarat. He has taken a B.Sc. degree in Biochemistry. By coming into politics, they used to trade plastic and PVC pipes first. Apart from this, Amit Shah has also been a stock broker. While working as a stock broker, he joined the BJP and came close to LK Advani.
♦️Shah and Narendra Modi together since 1982, when the two were associated with the RSS. At that time Shah’s age was 17-18 years and Modi was 30 years old. He is not a very social person. He likes to draw nip, talk straight and work hard. Shah does not like media, especially to television media. Journalists also take less calls. But when it comes to workers, they are ready to talk to them.
♦️ Amit Shah, who possessed unseen faith in Lord Shiva, also believes in astrology too deeply. He believes that in 2010, when he went to jail, his evil planets were running. They believed that their time would be good after June 2016.
♦️Amit Shah started wearing khadi with the inspiration of his mother who believed in Gandhianism. Amit Shah is still on this rule. Her mother Kusum Ba had given her library as heritage, in which there are thousands of books including the Bible, Koran.
♦️ His image is of a hardcore Hindu, but few people know that Shah has a good relationship with many reputed Muslim families in Ahmedabad. Many Muslims are their close friends, but they do not discuss it publicly.
♦️ Amit Shah, a good chess player, likes to play chess in a free time and listen to classical music. In his college days, Amit Shah kept keen interest in theater and he acted in many plays.
♦️In 2006, Shah became Chairman of Gujarat State Chase Association and he included chess in Government schools in Ahmedabad. Amit Shah has also been Vice Chairman of Gujarat Cricket Association and Chairman of Ahmedabad Central Board of Cricket.
♦️Shah is in the habit of writing diaries which started from the beginning of the political shift of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad. Since then, they are writing diaries.
♦️When he was made chairman of Gujarat State Finance Corporation, he was the youngest person to handle this post. He later became the Chairman of Ahmedabad District Co-operative Bank.

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